Inspiring and Empowering Canadian Children with Code

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We bring digital skills learning into classrooms across Canada by training teachers, developing free teaching materials, helping Governments implement code into the curriculum, offer physical computing materials, and encouraging teachers to start free coding clubs in their schools. We also work with University researchers to gather data on children and educators learning to code.

Before the workshop I had ordered two books about Scratch from the library and had no understanding of the content and wondered how students would manage. After the workshops, it was like learning to read for the first time. I feel confident that I can bring this to our classroom, thank you!

- Teacher from British Columbia

We’re building digital skills communities across the country through workshops, family festivals, conferences, and Code Clubs. You can help us bring coding into your community by reaching out to your local primary school to introduce the importance of children learning to code or by starting a Code Club in a school, library, or community centre.

We tried out one event for the kids not really knowing what we were getting into, whether it would be good or not. The kids had a great time, got a solid grasp of computer programming, and the two Kids Code instructors were excellent in engaging each child in the class that day.

- Parent from Quebec

We're experts in developing and delivering customized, digital skills programs for Canadian festivals, museums, governments, and corporations looking to invigorate and embrace new challenges for children. From the Ministry of Education in British Columbia to les Journées de la culture au Québec, we can help you deliver exciting and impactful educational experiences.

Kids Code Jeunesse’s extensive experience in creating student and teacher resources to teach computational thinking and coding was a key consideration in the awarding of the contract [to deliver training sessions on coding curriculum for teachers].

- Director from British Columbia Ministry of Education

We would be nothing without the continued support of our passionate volunteers. Get involved as a workshop mentor, an event ambassador, or volunteer at a coding club to help us inspire & empower more children with digital skills across the country. Our volunteers don’t need to be computer programmers - our volunteers are also artists, parents, teachers, from all backgrounds - the importance is to have a passion for our children’s future.

Seeing the students slowly understand the thought process behind writing a program [is what I enjoy most about teaching kids to code]. Students tell me that they go home everyday and work on their game/project ... It is incredibly motivating to see students to react so positively and I continue to volunteer so I can share this program and excitement with other students.

- Volunteer from Quebec

Code Club is a network of free volunteer-led coding clubs for children as part of Kids Code Jeunesse. Code Clubs are part of our mission to build digital skills communities in every corner of the country. Anyone can start a Code Club, whether you're an educator, parent, community leader, or volunteer!

Running a code club and seeing the light bulbs come on as children have fun coding is a really rewarding activity – it’ll make you remember why you love coding yourself!

- Volunteer from Ontario

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