We are a Canadian not for profit organization dedicated to empowering kids, teachers and parents with the skills we all need to thrive in a technology driven society. We believe that coding is a basic literacy as important as reading, writing or math. By teaching kids how to code we teach them how to be better thinkers and better creators in a digital world.

How We Work


We introduce computational thinking and computer programming to students and teachers in Canadian schools and in community centers. We use intuitive, open source, free tools like Scratch and Trinket that work well in a classroom setting. Our education materials are developed for children from 5 to 12 years old to ensure that children assimilate learning from one stage to the next.


We partner with teachers (k-12) who are interested in weaving code into their language, arts, math and technology curriculum. We volunteer in the classroom, direct teachers to proven educational resources, and organize Teacher Training workshops. We present at universities, to educators, researchers and education students from around the world.

Parents & Community Leaders

We engage with communities through our Code, Create, Play workshops, where we allow children to explore their creativity with code. Our workshops integrate fun and entertaining subjects such as Games and Story-telling, as well as hands-on making with Raspberry Pi, GoPiGo’s and other hardware. We hold our workshops in libraries, community centres, and other public spaces. Our workshops are developed with a priority to engage girls.