Kids Code Jeunesse is a Canadian not for profit organization dedicated to empowering kids, teachers and parents with the skills we all need to thrive in a technology driven society.

Our mission is:

To provide educational resources and materials for teachers and community leaders. Our education material is created, and continues to grow, with the support of a team of Canadian computer scientists, professors and teachers who meet monthly as part of our Education Committee.

To provide volunteer support for teachers who want to bring computer programming to children in the classroom.

To inform and train teachers. We speak at conferences, host workshops and, in Fall 2016, we will begin our Teacher Training sessions.

To inform Canadian school boards, provincial Ministries of Education, Industry Canada, and the government institutions of the importance of teaching computer programming to children in schools.

To provide the necessary resources for parents and guardians to make sure their children can continue to learn to code outside the classroom. We host workshops and information sessions for families through events and festivals.

How We Started

Countries around the world educate young children to  code for future excellence, but in 2013 there was no national  movement in Canada. Why early education? So we can engage girls  before gender stereotypes set in and learning to code is like  learning a new language – it’s easier to learn when we start young!  Also 84% of Canadian primary school teachers are women and few of  them know how to code. If we want to give all children the head start  they need for future success, supporting teachers in the classroom is a  priority. In June 2013, Kids Code Jeunesse registers as a national not-for-profit dedicated to bringing  code to Canadian children’s early education.

In Fall 2013, we knocked on Montreal primary school doors -they opened!- to start  working with teachers to bring code into classrooms.  We talked with  corporate leaders, university professors,  sent lots of letters to  provincial and federal leaders, worked on building the curriculum and did media interviews.

We were all working as volunteers with a common goal – let’s get Canadian kids learning computer programming as part of their education.

We have continued to grow from strength to strength due to superb volunteers, corporations and individuals who support us from across the country. Now let’s get more kids learning to code!