Q: How do I get involved?
A: To access the material, share with Canadian educators or request volunteer support in the classroom, please register here.
Q: How long are your courses?
A: Our free two hour workshops have been created to introduce kids to code and build enthusiasm. For our longer project based workshop we want to make sure that your students learn to code in a very hands-on, in-depth way. To do this, we spread 8 lessons over one or two months. In an ideal environment, our volunteers would visit your class twice a week for a month with each lesson being one hour long. However, we are very aware of class constraints and scheduling, so we are flexible and will work with you to make it happen!
Q: We don’t have computers in our school. Can you bring them?
A: We do have laptops to help teach in the classroom. But, we don’t want to come in to teach your students to code and then leave without having helped support your technical needs. If you do need computers for your school, let us know and we’ll help put you in contact with people who can help.
Q: Can you teach children with learning difficulties to code?
A: Yes! We have taught children with a whole range of learning difficulties and not only can they code, they excel. If you do have students with learning difficulties, please make sure to tell us. Our volunteers are not trained teachers and it is important that you are always present as the classroom teacher.
Q: Can I leave the classroom when the Kids Code Jeunesse volunteers are present?
A: No. Your responsibility as the classroom teacher remains even though the Kids Code Jeunesse volunteer is present. It is your responsibility to make sure that the volunteer is never left alone with the students.
Q: Who created the content?
A: A team of Canadian computer scientists, programmers,  teachers and university professors created curriculum that can be used in Canadian classrooms. Currently the curriculum compliments the Quebec Education Plan and is created for educators to weave computer programming through all school subjects. The curriculum can be easily adapted for other provinces.
Q: As an educator can I contribute?
A: Yes! We are building new curriculum and projects, as well as curating projects that have been created by Canadian educators to share with others. If you have adapted content to fit your province’s Education Plan, send it to us! We will be sure to add it for other educators in your province to access. Our Education platform is a place to bring Educators from across the country together to help us – and each other – bring code in to the classroom.
Q: How do you decide what to include in the Education Materials?
A: It’s important to make sure we know why, how and when to teach certain aspects of computer programming to children. We have created a 3-stage education development plan that takes a child’s learning from 7 years old to 13 +. Our materials reflect these stages by making sure the learning is carried and developed from one stage to the next.