Our Services

You are essential to our mission, both as advocates for bringing code to Canadian classrooms, and as your children’s first educators. If you would like to see your Ministry of Education take action on bringing computer programming into the curriculum, you can use this Information Kit to get started.


For Your local school

Share this information with the school director, classroom teacher of after-school services representative. We offer coding courses in the classroom and in after school workshops.

Code Clubs

Clubs are easy to set up, but you need to commit some of your time. Contact your local library, community center or school to see if they’d like to start a Code Club, and then contact us! Check out Code Club Canada!

Code, Create & Play

We know kids learn best when they have lots of time for creativity and play. We hold workshops where children can explore games, virtual reality, story-telling and hardware such as Raspberry Pis.

We also bring our workshops to kids in libraries.

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