Kids Code Jeunesse offers a range of workshops designed to meet any educator’s level of experience and enthusiasm.

If you’ve learned to read, write, do basic math, organize a routine and solve puzzles, you probably already know more about code than you realize! Here are a few examples of introductory activities we’ll be offering in 2017.

Younger kids can learn about Scratch by playing with the simple algorithm in this project. Click “see inside” and follow the instructions on the post-it notes in the coding environment. Want to keep going? Just click on the “tips” tab to access simple introductory tutorials.

Older kids can get the gist of HTML by using Thimble to re-mix an Awesome Animal poster project. Hit the green thimble “remix” button, read the comments in the “editor” side, and toggle between the poster and the “tutorial tab” to figure out how to make your own Awesome Animal. Find more simple projects like this one on the Thimble home page.

Learn a little Python with Trinket’s turtle graphics.  Just follow the directions and you’re on your way!