Volunteers are at the heart of our mission to bring code into Canadian classrooms. Empowering kids and their educators is a very rewarding and enriching experience.

“It’s great to help kids learn about code while making it a fun experience! Creating a connection between programming and creativity is the most rewarding process. I’m glad I could be of help in making that connection possible and being able to share my knowledge.”
-Joanna Niemczyk, Volunteer

Join Us!

Event Ambassador

Are you passionate about children learning to code? If you would enjoy networking with community leaders at Meetups, tech conferences, gaming conventions, university fairs and special events then we would ask you to become a representative for Kids Code Jeunesse and Code Club Canada.

Workshop Mentors

Do you enjoy the world of education and looking for ways to give back to the community? Helping children to learn to code in the classroom is an extremely rewarding experience, especially when the “Aha, I get it!” moments occur – both from the children and the teachers. We’re looking for volunteers to support our instructors in the classrooms, at workshops, and at teacher training events.

Working Remotely

Do you have skills to share and prefer working from home? We’d love your help with setting up events, fundraising, translation, sharing social media campaigns, publishing in WordPress, reviewing coding projects, testing volunteer training material and oh the list goes on.

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