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Pick from five free sports themed, ready-to-play, Scratch coding projects to celebrate Hour of Code with your kids!

Code in the

Illustration of a webinar setting with a teacher and two students.

Live Online Workshops

Code in the Classroom workshops let students get hands-on with technology, block-based coding, and computational thinking. A KCJ instructor will guide you and your students in a live, online co-teaching environment.

  • Held online using a video conferencing platform
  • Designed for everyone, from beginners to intermediate coders
  • Hands-on activities and modules that fit into any lesson plan
Illustration of a webinar setting with a teacher and two students.

Online Workshop Options

Select your language, location, grade(s) to see all the workshops available for you:

Workshops are only available for Canadian classrooms.

You can book either through the workshop booking link, or try our easy to use ChatBot

Online workshops are now available in two different formats:

Single classroom workshop: One classroom participates in the workshop (up to 30 students). The session is interactive: your students can ask the instructor questions, get feedback, and show off their projects.

Multi-classroom presentation: Multiple classrooms within the same school board attend the workshop (more than 30 students). The session is not interactive: your students will watch a KCJ instructor present the workshop. You will interact with the instructor on behalf of your students.

micro:bit ​​— Introduction

grades 3 - 81 hour

Start coding with the micro:bit, a simple yet powerful physical computing device that lets you hold code in your hands. Practice writing clear, logical instructions for an algorithm by coding a game, a story, or a data-gathering tool with your micro:bit.

micro:bit ​​— Exploring Sensors

grades 3 - 81 hour

Gain a deeper understanding of the micro:bit’s light sensor, accelerometer, and radio in order to solve a real-life problem: protecting your backpack.

Scratch — Introduction

grades 3 - 81 hour

Explore the possibilities of code through games, animations, and interactive story-telling. Scratch encourages students to solve problems, tell exciting stories, design projects, and communicate ideas, using highly-visual block-based code.

Scratch — Exploring Geometry: Code a Garden

grades 3 - 81 hour

Use Scratch to practice mathematics and geometry concepts. Code a virtual garden and gain a deeper understanding of coding concepts like nested loops, sub-programs or functions, and control structures.

Artificial Intelligence — Introduction

grades 3 - 81 hour

Understand what AI is, how it affects our daily lives, and how it shapes our online experiences. Students will use Google’s Teachable Machine to train their own image-sensing AI. Then, using their custom-trained AI model, students will code a Scratch project that reacts to their movements and gestures.

Artificial Intelligence — Culinary AI: An Introduction to Neural Networks

grades 7 - 121 hour

Discover neural networks and how they can be used in real-world AI systems. Students will interact with a pre-trained AI model, build a simple neural network, and discuss the ethical issues related to AI model transparency.

Artificial Intelligence — AI & Ethics

grades 7 - 121 hour

Exploring the power of AI systems, students will be guided through an ethical debate about labour, consumption, and technology. This workshop supplements the #kids2030 Challenge, which invites students to explore the issue of global plastic pollution.

JavaScript — Introduction: Emoji Race

grades 7 - 121 hour

Learn the basics of JavaScript using the p5.js JavaScript library for creative coding. Explore concepts like variables and conditionals to create a race between your favorite emojis! This workshop is appropriate for students with or without text-based coding experience.

JavaScript — Algorithmic Art Using p5.js

grades 7 - 121 hour

Learn the basics of algorithmic art through a creative coding experience. Create an “AI Flower” and then transform its appearance by modifying the code and controlling it with your voice. Students will be introduced to p5.js, a Javascript coding library for artists, and ml5.js, a Machine Learning coding library, so budding algorithm artists can keep creating after the workshop.

Learning Outcomes

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Computational thinking

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Foundations of coding

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Algorithm & digital literacy

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Classroom integration

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Curricular connections

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