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One tiny computer,
endless creative possibilities!
The micro:bit is a hands-on tool that makes teaching code fun, easy, and accessible.

KCJ is bringing micro:bits and free micro:bit workshops to schools and educators in every province and territory across Canada.

Code in the Classroom: Micro:bit

Length: 2 hours
Grades: 3 to 7
Level: Beginner

Our Code in the Classroom: Micro:bit workshop is hands-on, project-based learning centred around computational thinking and block-based coding. The inexpensive micro:bit is a hit with kids, and offers a multitude of features that inspires them to create with code. Our KCJ instructors will guide you and your students along the path to building digital skills for creative learning.

Registration is currently closed.

These workshops were made possible thanks to funding from the federal government’s CanCode program, which wraps up March 31, 2019. We are currently fully booked until the end of the program.

Want to find out about our paid in-classroom workshops and professional development opportunities that we’ll be offering this spring? Let us know by filling out the form below.

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What exactly
is a micro:bit?

A micro:bit is a small programmable computer - a single board, just larger than a matchbox - primes students to explore the rich potential of physical computing.

Within a few minutes, kids can animate their name in lights using the micro:bit's distinctive LED grid. It can be used as a compass, and accelerometer, a radio, a temperature gauge, and so much more.


Go further with micro:bit! Art:bit, KCJ’s new web app, combines the interactivity of the micro:bit with the ease of animating with Scratch.

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In January 2018, as part of its CanCode program, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) announced a $6 million investment in Kids Code Jeunesse. This program enabled KCJ to build and support digital skills communities for kids and educators across Canada. Through our various projects, we will empower Canadian children to become better thinkers and better creators.

Thanks to CanCode, Kids Code Jeunesse has been able to make sure every Canadian teacher has the opportunity to learn to code and is encouraging all educators to implement code into their classroom.

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Kid using Microbit and coding on laptop

Some resources to help you both in the classroom and at home with your new micro:bit

Looking to revisit or continue the micro:bit workshop curriculum started in class?

Want to revisit what was learned in class, maybe even try some of the more advanced challenges or perhaps pick up where the workshop left off if there wasn't time to cover everything? We have them plus a few other goodies online and ready for you to use:

Troubleshooting your micro:bit in the classroom and at home

Troubleshooting is part and parcel when using technology, especially when devices and services need to work together. Micro:bits are no exception so here are a few of the most common issues that we have encountered along with solutions that may help you in resolving your technical problems with the micro:bit.

These have been tailored specifically towards the KCJ micro:bit in the classroom program so if you're not finding the exact answer you are looking for here, you can also try the micro:bit support page


Here are some of the most common questions asked by both teachers and students from our workshops. If the answers you are looking for aren’t here or in the troubleshooting section you can always try support.microbit.org

Where to buy a micro:bit in Canada

Want your very own micro:bit? Perhaps you need a few more for the classroom or some of the children are looking to get their very own micro:bit? Or maybe you're looking to go further and explore all the possibilities to be had with the micro:bit through attachments and accessories like alligator clips and sensors? Here are a few places worth checking out!

Keep your micro:bit up to date and connected!

Like all modern technologies and devices there's often new updates available that introduce new features and improves on old ones. Use the following link to get the latest update for your micro:bit and take advantage of the latest features and fixes! And there's more, we've also included is a link on how to pair you microbit over USB, just one of the advantages to having the latest firmware installed, making for easy one step, one click transfering of your code to the device!