What if kids had the power to use technology to make our world a better place?

Coding is one of the most valuable and powerful skills a kid can have in the 21st century, but developing a kid’s technological ability, confidence, and creativity in the long-term takes a village. Our four programs provide coding education to kids and the people who play a crucial role in their development: their parents, teachers, and community leaders.

Research shows that teaching kids digital skills at a young age reduces the traditional barriers in STEM fields. More importantly, it gives them access to a variety of opportunities as complex technology becomes part of our everyday lives. Kids Code Jeunesse makes sure Canadian kids, with a particular focus on girls and children from disadvantaged groups, have the tools they need to be active participants in their digital futures.


We work within existing education systems to create viable short-term and long-term solutions for integrating code, computational thinking, and physical computing into curriculums. Our experienced team of facilitators visit classrooms across the country, teaching kids to code alongside their teachers. Outside the classroom, we provide training and educational materials to teachers, librarians, and school directors so they feel confident bringing digital skills learning into their school.

Code is everywhere, and its broad applications may surprise you. From science, to art, to gym class, we can help you weave it into any subject you teach.

National Initiatives

Code Create Teach

These full-day trainings are an introduction to computational thinking and coding in the classroom for educators in every province and territory. We help provide Canadian educators with the tools and confidence they need to inspire students to tinker, play and experiment with technology.


KCJ’s Code in the Classroom: micro:bit

These 2-hour workshops focus on hands-on, project- based learning centred around computational thinking. These workshops aim to equip teachers with the skills needed to integrate code into their classrooms, regardless of what subject they teach.



Anyone can learn to code, but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. That’s why we run free, nationwide events in public spaces where Canadian families can explore code and get excited about its endless possibilities. Previous events have featured introductory coding projects on subjects ranging from Canadian animals to space exploration. These events are a perfect way for the whole family to learn something new together.

Special Events We Participate In


Science Odyssey is Canada's largest celebration of STEM, featuring fun and inspiring experiences in public venues.



Moonhack is a record-setting event that inspires kids to participate widely in digital technologies and to aim for the stars.



Science Literacy Week highlights the excellence and diversity of Canada’s outstanding scientists and science communicators.



Astro Pi is an annual science and coding competition where student-written code is run on the International Space Station.



The Micro:bit Global Challenge is a project that aims to inspire young people all over the world to solve real-world problems related to health and the environment using micro:bits.



Hour of Code is a worldwide celebration of computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community initiatives.



We want to make sure that every kid who is introduced to code has a place to continue learning and creating. Our answer to this is Code Club Canada, a network of free clubs run in communities by volunteers. A Code Club can be anything a community needs it to be: a safe space to learn, a place for kids to improve their skills, or an opportunity to make friends.

Powered by KCJ in Canada, Code Club gives you the support and resources you need to start a club. There are Code Clubs in every province and territory across the country, and there are new ones being started every week.

Get Involved!


Code Club relies on dedicated volunteers to keep growing. Volunteer 1 hour a week and start inspiring and empowering the kids in your community.


Start a Club

Would your community benefit from a Code Club? Start one now — all you need is a venue, a volunteer, and of course, kids!



Our extra-curricular coding classes teach kids how to code through art, music, games, and storytelling. This more in-depth approach to learning will inspire and ignite innovative thinking. Taking place once a week over 3 to 6 weeks, the classes cover subjects like game design, animation, physical computing, and artificial intelligence in addition to the basics of coding. Your kid can arrive with no experience and leave with a solid grasp of valuable 21st century skills.

Coming in 2019!