Kate Arthur

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Juliet Waters

Chief Knowledge Officer

Indra Kubicek

Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

Mavis Dixon

Services Director

Mélanie Rizk

Director, Business Development

Mike Deutsch

Director, Education Development

Tanya Woods

Director, Business Development

Jennifer Basso

Services Manager, Eastern Region

Yasmin Ahmad

Project Manager, Education

Bry LeBlanc

Communications & Brand Manager

Benjamin Carrara

France Project Coordinator

Marie-France Laberge

Project Manager, Education

Matthew Griffin

Operations Manager

Christelle Aoun

Administration & Logistics Manager

Eve Sinhaseni

Administrative Coordinator

James Patterson

Finance Manager

Marcela Sanches

Accounting Assistant

Kristin Fedorak

Impact & Evaluation Strategist / Sponsorships

Lucie Luneau

Communications Coordinator & Project Manager

Danaë Brandt

Social Media Manager

Ross Hodess

Lead Coordinator,
Code Club Canada

Claire Lecker

Graphic Designer

Phillip Greene

Lead Web Developer and Instructor,

Zahraa Horeibi

Web Developer

Mayra Gondim

Community Developer,
British Columbia

Maddie Cugno

Community Developer & Instructor,

Erica Hoiss

Community Developer,

Jennifer Whittaker

Community Developer,
Prince Edward Island

Kimberley Vircoe

Community Developer,

Sam Joshva Baskar Jesudasan

Community Developer & Instructor,
Vancouver British Columbia

Marjolaine Christin

Community Developer,
Quebec city

Meggie Carrier

Lead Instructor,
Quebec Regions

Bernat Ferragut

Lead Instructor,
Quebec Regions

Jean-Denis Thériault

Lead Instructor,
Quebec Regions

Frédéric Beaudet


Board of Directors

Mahalia Verna

Manager, Marketing and Communications, Agence Ometz

Don Melville

Faculty Member, Strategy & Organization, McGill University - Desautels

Frances Arthur

Senior Director, Recruitment - Americas, SNC-Lavalin

Angelo Gallo

GRC Security Consultant

Noah Redler

Founder, Arche Innovation

Advisory Board

The KCJ Advisory Board is established to help strengthen KCJ by providing expertise in Education and Industry, as well as a Youth representative. We look for advisors who are committed and passionate about children’s education in Canada.

Paul Gagnon

Legal Counsel, Element AI

Magarida Romero

Associate Professor, Universite Laval & Cote d'Azur

Hugo Larochelle

Research Scientist, Google

Myriam Côté

Director AI for Humanity,
Mila - Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute

Jake Hirsch-Allen

North America Higher Ed and Workforce Development System Lead,

Alan Macintosh

Real Ventures

Ann Louise Davidson

Associate Professor,
Concordia University

Phil Telio

Founder of Startupfest

Yannis Mallat

Ubisoft Canadian Studios

Elise Monaghan Joubert

Director of Development,

Cale Moodie

CEO and Director,
Neptune Dash

Thomas Ledwell

Senior Director,
The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

Sasha Luccioni PhD,

Postdoctoral Researcher,
Mila AI Institute

Jason Wang

Pure and Applied Science at Marianopolis

Janvi Patel

Health Science at Marianopolis