There are many ways to bring code to your students

We want to make sure every Canadian child is given the opportunity to learn computer programming. To do so, we help teachers bring code into the classroom curriculum, train teachers and pre-service teachers, and hold workshops in community centres across the country.

School Coding Lessons for Kids

    Our KCJ Instructors teach students to code in class or after class.

In Class

After Class

Teacher Training Workshops

Our instructors train teachers and pre-service teachers at conferences, professional development days and upon request by schools and school boards.

Teacher Training

Code Create & Play Workshops

We strongly believe that the best learning involves lots of time for creativity and play. We hold workshops where children can explore games, virtual reality, story-telling and hardware such as Raspberry Pis. We also hold lots of our workshops for kids in libraries!

Code Club Canada

Code Club is network of volunteer-led coding clubs for children. If you would like to start a Code Club in your school or in your community, please register at:

Code Club Canada