Celebrate Hour of Code With Us!

Pick from five free sports themed, ready-to-play, Scratch coding projects to celebrate Hour of Code with your kids!

Teacher Training

We create opportunities for educators to introduce new tools into their lesson plans. Here’s where you can find out more about our professional development offerings, which range from casual introductory training to full-day sessions.

Online Training


Our online training sessions demystify and get educators excited about code computational thinking, artificial intelligence, and digital citizenship, which is the first step in promoting digital literacy among students.

Learn the key concepts and practices that make coding a valuable tool for learning, problem solving, and innovation, and gain the confidence to bring these tools and concepts into the classroom.


Illustration of a KCJ instructor and a teacher working with a Microbit.
  • Designed for everyone, from beginners to intermediate coders
  • Held online using a video conferencing platform
  • Hands-on activities and simple modules that fit into any lesson plan
  • Extensions for more advanced learning
  • A curated list of additional resources, lesson plans, and toolkits
  • Options to attend an existing session or request and organize a session with us
  • Training sessions ideally suited for professional development days, weekends, or conferences
  • Training sessions are offered for free, thanks to our funding partners.



Your choice of Scratch, micro:bit, or AI90 mins grade K to 12 beginner

This fun and quick session will focus on one of our core coding concepts: Scratch, micro:bit or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Your choice! The session introduces the concept of your choice and then guides you through hands-on project work before moving into open discussion and resource sharing.


Get it all: Computational thinking, Scratch, micro:bit, and AI4 hours grade K to 12 beginner - intermediate

Dive deeper into all 3 coding concepts with this full, extended session. We will cover an introduction to computational thinking before exploring Scratch, micro:bits, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), with an explicit focus on classroom connections and individual exploration with guided mentorship.


Scratch in the real world2 hours grade K to 12 beginner - intermediate

This session explores the world of Scratch within the context of a specific school subject, like science or art. In this 2 hour session, teachers will create either subject-specific project and learn to integrate computational thinking into that subject’s curriculum.


Teach math through coding and computational thinking1 hour sessions for grades 1-3; 4-6; 7-8 beginner-friendly

This session unpacks the new curriculum and outlines the new coding outcomes to bring into your classrooms, with guided activities using Scratch. KCJ advised on the new math curriculum, so we know a fair bit about how to teach it! Open to teachers all over Canada.


Computational thinking

Foundations of code and AI

Diverse ways to teach code

Classroom integration

Curricular connections

Illustration of different shapes and a question mark linked.


Illustration of angle brackets with a backslash.

Foundations of
code and AI

Illustration of a computer mouse.

Diverse ways to
teach code

Illustration of a graduation cap.


Illustration of curricular connections.


Illustration of a young kid with her parent using a laptop.

Teachers are parents too!

Check out all the activities and workshops we offer that you can do with your kids.

Illustration of a young kid with her parent using a laptop.
Close up of a Microbit being held by a kid.

The Mighty Micro:bit

The micro:bit is a small programmable computer that promotes inclusive and creative learning that primes students to explore the rich potential of physical computing. Use it to teach any subject, from science to physical education.