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Hour of Code

Join us & over 100 million students for an Hour of Code!

Hour of Code | Computer Science Education Week

December 5 to 11, 2022

Keen to get your kids coding and unsure where to start? All you need is 1 hour, and we can provide a ready-to-play project to get your kids coding in no time. Pick one project or them try all!

Girl coding in Scratch on a laptop

Our projects

Health & Well-being

Can coding, data visualization and algorithmic art help us explore this big topic?

Find out!

Explore the Solar System

Come explore the solar system with us and see if you can identify all of the planets! Together, let's code a dynamic virtual solar system using Scratch!

Space Trivia

Ready to test out your space knowledge? Join us to create a fun trivia quiz about space. Learn to create your own Scratch sprites to ask cool space questions!

Space Burps

Join us to learn about the effects of space on our body! Step by step, we'll get to explore the world of Scratch and together, code a burping space dinosaur!

Under the Stars

The stars are out tonight and we are seeing shapes in the sky. After adding in a starry background, we will map out a constellation and learn how to use the Scratch pen tool to illuminate it.

Save the Planet

Feeling brave? Help us defend Planet Purplio from the avalanche of asteroids. Tag along and take a deeper dive into Scratch, creating your own functions and cloning sprites.

Preventing plastic pollution!

How can we use digital skills such as data collecting and analysis along with some creative thinking to tackle this problem both globally and in our community?

AI + Indigenous Cooking

An introduction to Neural Networks, training biases and ethical implications of AI with Chef David Wolfman.

Co-designed by Steamlabs & KCJ


Stay on target and guide your arrow to the bullseye using code!


You shoot, you SCORE - the crowd goes wild when you code your own hockey game!


Serve up a challenge and go head-to-head with your own AI opponent in this digital tennis match.


Strap on those skis and bend at the knees as you guide your character down a hill of frozen obstacles using code in this Scratch activity.


Hit the trails with this cross country biking activity using code and Scratch.

As a charity, we rely on the generous contributions from people like you to continue providing quality services and resources to kids around the world like the "Hour of Code" activities.


Build your own animation about a Canadian animal and its winter habitat!


Create your own sparkling snow globe for the holidays with micro:bits!


Celebrate iconic Canadian women by coding a video game with Scratch.


Tell your own story by creating an animation with Scratch.


Use data science and code to help prevent plastic pollution!

Quality Education Life on Land

#kids2030 | #CSforGood

In 2020, Hour of Code focused on Computer Science for Good (CSforGood), and so we made sure our projects linked to learning about Global Goal #4 and #12 - Quality Education and Responsible Consumption and Production.

This is part of our #kids2030 initiative, which aims to equip a million Canadian children with the digital skills they need to help meet the UN’s Global Goals for Sustainable Development by 2030. Want to get more involved? Take the #kids2030 Challenge and help build a better future with less plastic pollution!

Quality Education Life on Land
Boy coding behind a laptop in a KCJ workshop

What is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is a worldwide effort run by to celebrate and increase participation in computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities during Computer Science Education Week (December 5 to 11, 2022).

As an international partner of, KCJ is joining in on the fun this December.

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