Free classroom workshops are back!

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Small commitment. Big Impact.

As a non-profit organization, volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Join our mission and enrich the lives of kids across Canada by introducing them to powerful new technologies and giving them the confidence to build a better future. The best part of being a volunteer? You’ll learn just as much from the kids as they’ll learn from you.

Get involved and see the impact one hour of volunteering a week has on kids in your community.


Code Club

We want to make sure every kid has a place to learn and create through code. That’s why we run Code Club, a network of free clubs run by volunteers across Canada. Starting a club or volunteering at one is easy with all the materials and support we provide.

A Code Club can be anything a community needs it to be: a safe space to learn, a place for kids to improve their skills, or an opportunity to make new friends.

What does it take to get involved?

  • One hour per week
  • Recommended 8 week commitment
  • An interest in helping children aged 8 - 12 develop their digital skills
  • No coding experience required


  • Step 1:Find a community venue to host the club
  • Step 2:Click below to register your club
  • Step 3:Host one session a week yourself using our step-by-step projects


  • Step 4:Request volunteers when you register
  • Step 5:We will match you with a volunteer near your club


  • Step 1:Click below to sign up
  • Step 2:Apply for your background check — we will guide you through the process.
  • Step 3:You’ll be matched with a club near you
  • Step 4:Meet the club organizer and prepare the materials for the club
  • Step 5:Host one session a week using our step-by-step projects

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