The Summer Institute is back!

Aug 16 - 18: KCJ Summer Institute offers keynote speakers, workshops, and webinars supporting digital literacy in the K-12 classroom allowing educators to connect with peers from across Canada for 3 days of learning.


Illustration of 3 kids arm in arm

Kids have the power to change the world.

We’re challenging kids to prevent plastic pollution, innovate with technology, and make a difference.

The mission is crucial:

to provide kids with the skills to thrive, the knowledge to make informed decisions, and the tools they need to use technology to find solutions to the most pressing issues we’re facing today.

By 2030, we’ll educate over 1,000,000 kids and 50,000 educators on AI & ethics, and on using technology to achieve the UN’s Global Goals.

This long-term initiative connects to every program we offer and every workshop we run, creating a 10-year roadmap with a clear mission to help the next generation set the course for a better future.

We’re challenging young people to…

  1. Collect data on the plastic products from homes, schools or in communities.
  2. Inspect where this plastic goes, and how it builds up over time by exploring how to visualize this information using data, storytelling, and code, AKA data science.
  3. Take Action! After seeing the impact that plastic has on the environment, what can we do to reduce it? How can young people inspire others to prevent plastic pollution?
Illustration of SDG wheel

A decade of action

If you haven’t already heard, 2030 is going to be a really important year. In 2015, the United Nations launched the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with the aim to build a better world by 2030. With 10 years left to go, we must all work towards the SDGs to turn things around and create a better future.

Most importantly, kids need to be involved — it’s their future at stake. So we’re challenging them to take part.

Illustration of SDG wheel