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Join our new series of FREE online coding workshops for kids ages 8 to 12

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We teach kids to code, create, and communicate. Together, we will help the next generation set the course for a better future.

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Our Approach

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Code is more than just a career skill. We prepare kids to solve real-world problems.

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Inclusive and accessible coding education is our priority. We’re here to open doors.

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Kids code with their communities’ support. We help lay foundations for sustainable learning.

Community Highlights


Image: KCJ

The Lunar Gateway Challenge's first phase is over! Who will qualify for a week at STEM workshops!


Image: Digital Moment

Digital Moment's CEO and founder Kate Arthur invited in Barcelona to discuss how technologies can be used to reduce educational gaps

Today’s kids need your support.

How kids learn about and use technology today will shape our future. Donate and give every Canadian child the tools they need to build a better world.