KCJ's Art:bit iOS App Pairing Instruction, .hex File and Demonstration


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Art:bit blends artistic expression with coding. Sail a boat. Code some fireworks. Create your own adventure!

Art:bit is a companion to the micro:bit, a small programmable computer that’s a great tool for young learners. The art:bit interface combines the ease of block-based coding with the endless creative possibilities of LED animation.

Using art:bit is simple and accessible to young learners while providing more complex options to make it challenging enough for all ages Scripts execute directly on the micro:bit and download with one click. Used together, art:bit and the micro:bit make coding as simple and creative as a child’s flipbook.

This app is brought to you by Kids Code Jeunesse (KCJ), an educational not-for-profit, and developed in collaboration with Playful Invention Company.



For the initial set-up (one-time):

Getting Started: Install the art:bit HEX file onto the micro:bit (one-time install)

  1. Connect a micro:bit to your computer with the USB cable.
  2. Download the art:bit HEX file to your computer.
  3. Drag and Drop the art:bit HEX file onto your micro:bit: when the yellow light on the micro:bit stops flashing, it’s ready!
  4. Disconnect your micro:bit from the computer.

Connecting to art:bit

  1. Power your micro:bit with the battery pack.
  2. Launch the art:bit app on the iPad.
  3. Pair the micro:bit to the iPad by tapping the micro:bit icon at the top of the page : pairing is successful if the same image appears both on the micro:bit and on the micro:bit icon.

Things to try

  1. Tap one of the LED images in the Shapes area.
  2. You should see the same image appear on the micro:bit display.
  3. Try creating a new LED image by tapping the [+] next to “Shapes” and drawing with your finger: the LEDs on the micro:bit should follow.