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Code in the

We bring our programs to where the real learning happens: classrooms and libraries. Discover our coding workshops and activities, and find out how we can bring new and exciting training tools directly to your school.

Classroom Workshop


2 hours grade 3 - 8 hands-on

Our Code in the Classroom workshops provide hands-on learning, centred around computational thinking and block-based coding. A KCJ instructor will guide you and your students through the workshop in a co-teaching environment either in person or online. With a variety of workshop topics to choose from, Code in the Classroom lays the foundation for you and your students to continue building digital skills for creative learning.


Computational thinking

Foundations of coding

Algorithm & digital literacy

Classroom integration

Curricular connections


Micro:bit — Introduction*

First steps in interactive coding

beginner2 hours free grade 3 - 7

This workshop gets kids coding with the micro:bit, a simple yet powerful physical computing device that lets you get hands-on with code. The workshop teaches kids how to use the LEDs on the micro:bit to create animations and how to use the onboard light sensors to interact with their environment.

*Subject to eligibility

Micro:bit — Continued*

Next steps in interactive coding

intermediate 2 hours free grade 5 - 7

This workshop takes kids who already have some coding experience further into the world of interactive coding with the micro:bit. The workshop will explore more intricate coding ideas and techniques than our introductory lesson plan, while also showing kids exciting micro:bit features, such as broadcasting messages.

*Subject to eligibility

Artificial Intelligence*

Getting acquainted with algorithms

beginner2 hours free grade 5 - 8

This workshop will introduce kids to the concepts behind Artificial Intelligence (AI), through computational thinking and interactive games and activities. The workshop aims to give students the tools and knowledge needed to understand what AI is, how it affects our daily lives, and how it shapes our online experiences.

*Subject to eligibility

Art:bit *

Storytelling with Code

beginner2 hours free grade 3 - 7

This workshop introduces code to kids using the art:bit, an app for iPads and Chromebooks that connects directly to the LEDs on the micro:bit to create animations that light up in your hand. The workshop aims to teach kids the basics of block-coding, physical computing, and creative storytelling.

*Subject to eligibility

The Mighty Micro:bit

The micro:bit is a small programmable computer that promotes inclusive and creative learning, which primes students to explore the rich potential of physical computing. Use it to teach any subject, from science to physical education.



Go further with micro:bit. Art:bit, our new app, combines the physicality of the micro:bit with the creativity and easy animation of Scratch.


Code Club

Want to help your students keep improving their coding skills? Code Club is a network of free clubs run by volunteers across every province and territory. We provide all the materials and support you need to start an extracurricular or lunch program at your school or library. We can also help you find volunteers.