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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

The future of AI needs input from its most important stakeholders: kids.

Today’s kids will be the first generation ever to grow up in a world manipulated by AI. From smart home systems to navigation apps, we are exposed to artificial intelligence (AI) everyday and it’s rapidly impacting society and the future of industry.

By educating kids about AI and the ethics surrounding it, kids can become active and responsible participants in today and tomorrow’s reality. By educating all kids we not only include diversity in those who build AI systems, but also diversity in the data being used by AI.

KCJ has built a long-term AI education strategy for kids and their teachers.

  • We create education materials that address opportunities and issues around AI ethics and digital citizenship.
  • We ensure AI ethics and education are included in government and policy decisions.
  • We enforce that learning about AI and how it works will help kids strengthen their natural intelligence.
  • Our AI curriculum is built with the support of leading AI experts in research, industry, and education.

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