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Code in the Stars

The Lunar Gateway Challenge

Your Mission:

Join us and celebrate Canada’s contribution to The Lunar Gateway!

We’ve partnered up with the Canadian Space Agency, Steamlabs and Western University to offer a 5-day residency for your classroom designed for youth aged 10 - 15 and focused on coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

Share your students’ ideas for an AI lunar robot to help the astronauts on the Moon and The Lunar Gateway in order to qualify for the residency.

The Residency Program

Engage your class in 5 days of FREE* workshops led by STEAM experts.

The residency will focus on coding, artificial intelligence, and robotics and will be held virtually or in-person depending on location.

FREE 5-day (2hr workshops) outline:

  • Day 1: Introduction - hands-on activities with Makecode and Strawbees
  • Day 2: Using microcontrollers to react to changes in the environment - hands-on activities with micro:bits, Strawbees and servo motors
  • Day 3: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence - hands-on activities using MakeCode, micro:bits and servo motors
  • Day 4: Artificial Intelligence & robotics - hands-on activities with Makecode, micro:bits, Steamlabs Bridge, Strawbees and servo motors
  • Day 5: Challenge - use what we've learned to tackle different challenges

Each residency will receive a FREE* classroom kit that includes:

*Thanks to funding and donation by Canadian Space Agency, CanCode, Amazon Future Engineer, and Strawbees

Requirements to qualify for residency:

  • The teacher or educator must submit at least 1 idea, however the more the better, to The Lunar Gateway Challenge. Refer to our handy Lunar Gateway Challenge Guide on how to easily run this activity in your classroom.
  • The students must be between the ages of 10 - 15 years.
  • The school is located in Canada.
  • The school must have a reliable internet connection and access to laptops.

This residency is in collaboration with the CSA, SteamLabs, and Western University.


The submission deadline for this year has closed, but we will be back for the new school year 2023-2024! View the Gallery to see all the creative submissions!

Submit your students’ ideas for a AI lunar robot!

*All are encouraged to participate but only Canadian Schools will be considered for the 5-day residency

**Submission required to qualify for the 5-day residency

Submissions for 2023-2024 residency opens this Fall. Sign up to be the first to know!

The Lunar Gateway Challenge is an opportunity for youth (ages 10 - 15) to help and inspire the international community by solving deep space exploration problems with coding, robotics and AI.

It revolves around The Lunar Gateway mission, which Canada is embarking on alongside its partners (NASA, ESA and JAXA) to build a space station orbiting the Moon.

Your mission is to have your students design a smart lunar robot to help the astronauts with their exploration of the Moon. Submit these ideas below to qualify for a 5-day residency for your classroom led by STEAM experts.

Check out The Lunar Gateway Challenge gallery for more ideas from students across Canada!


  1. Refer to our Lunar Gateway Challenge Guide to help you get started and guide you through the activity.
  2. Have your student draw out their solution either on paper or you could use an online drawing tool like and attach a photo or the image file to the form.

    The Lunar Gateway Challenge - Activity Sheet

  3. Enter your educator, facilitator or personal adult/parent contact email.
  4. Fill in your student's first name and the name of they gave their AI robot.
  5. Fill in the student's description of the AI robot.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions and submit.
  7. Teachers will need to submit on behalf of their students and can submit as many times as they like as long as it’s a new idea from a different student, group or class each time. We encourage all to participate!
  8. Don't forget to share your inventions with our community on twitter, @kidscoding #GatewayChallenge.

Need some ideas? Check out the full gallery for further inspiration from the space-loving community!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the KCJ team.

Free Teacher Resources

Need a little guidance and inspiration? Below are some free resources and coding activities to help you and your students get started.

This guide will help you create your AI robot by teaching you key concepts about Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Lunar Gateway itself.

Get coding in the classroom with these fun Scratch projects

Check out how Canada contributes to the Lunar Gateway, a brand new space station orbiting the Moon!

Video credits: Canadian Space Agency, NASA

Show off your students’ stellar coding skills!

Make sure to share pictures, videos, quotes, and screen captures on social media. Tag us at @kidscoding and use the hashtags #codeinthestars and #GatewayChallenge

Curious about what others in the community are doing? Check out the full social media gallery to see even more of what is going in on in the community!

Meet Our Partners

We are united in our passion for innovation in the pursuit of sparking the curiosity of space and beyond.

This project is undertaken with the financial support of the Canadian Space Agency.

We also celebrate Astro Pi!

Astro Pi is a European Space Agency Education project with the Raspberry Pi Foundation. Every year it runs Mission Zero: a non-competitive challenge where students aged 14 and under can send a coded message to run on the Raspberry Pis that are currently on the International Space Station (ISS)!

Next mission launches in 2023!