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Pick from five free sports themed, ready-to-play, Scratch coding projects to celebrate Hour of Code with your kids!

AI & Algorithms

We use AI & algorithms every day, so it’s important that we understand how they work, how these systems are created and used, and the way they affect our online experiences. Kids should learn how to use these tools while also understanding the ethics behind how they are built and how they affect our world. To take your learning even further, visit www.algorithmliteracy.org.

What even is an algorithm? (VIDEO)

Algorithm Literacy title illustrations.

Have you ever noticed that the internet always seems to know what you like? Who’s making these suggestions? In this video we introduce the idea that personalized search results, video recommendations, and targeted ads are all decisions made by algorithms.

Video Discussion Guide: What even is an algorithm?

Video Discussion Guide text with purple theme.

Get talking! After watching the video What even is an algorithm?, use this guide to help lead conversations about algorithms with kids.

Algorithm Literacy Educational Guide

Educational Guide text with blue theme.

A quick introduction to algorithms and how to dip your toes into algorithm literacy through simple activities.